Empowering students with disabilities in Ghana, West Africa through education.

Empowering children with disabilities in Ghana through Education.


Make Education Accessible for EVERYONE!

On average, $230.79 gives a year of education for one student in Ghana.

The Fees

  1. School uniforms \\ 50 cedis = $9.30

  2. Breakfast and lunch \\ 600 cedis = $111.53

  3. After school program \\ 100 cedis = $18.59

  4. Transportation \\ 480 cedis = $89.22

  5. Exam fees \\ 60 cedis = $11.15

Our Mission

By equipping our students with the tools and skills they need to be fully integrated into their community, our ultimate goal is to alter the perceived notion that individuals with disabilities lead less-fulfilled lives or are less capable of contributing to society.

 Get Involved!

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Why do you WaWa?

Serving with the WaWa project over the past 6-7 years has been an honor and a blessing. The WaWa project reaches hearts across the ocean and at home in Boston. It’s such fun to be part of such a committed group of people and friends.

-Efe Igho-osagie Shavers


Why do you WaWa?

I have been serving the WaWa project for the past 2 years because it matches my core values of giving back what I have received. I happen to be an educated man of color who had been bestowed tremendous opportunities of a solid education. I have been attending private schools my whole life and pursued academia until I obtained my master’s degree. I feel fortunate to contribute to the education of a vulnerable population such as children with disabilities in Ghana.

-Charles Smith Metellus


Gather A Group Of Friends And Hold A Small Fundraising Event With Coffee, Cocktails Or Our Favorite, Mini Quiche.

Provide disadvantaged children With Disabilities with an education to empower these students to find jobs.

We Will Make Every Effort To Match Your Skills, Abilities And Interests With Our Needs.