Goals of Wawa Project:

1) Provide disabled, disadvantaged children with an education to empower these students to find jobs.

2) Establish vocational/occupational training to support the students or prepare them to start a small-scale business and be financially independent after graduation.

We can’t and won’t reach our goals without your support. Aside from the option to contribute funds under the “Donate” tab, the WaWa Project offers many other opportunities to get involved.

Our volunteers and partners help by donating their technical skills, hosting special events or by simply spreading the word about our cause.

Here are some of the ways to join our growing movement and become an agent of change in the lives of children with disabilities in Ghana:

1) Stay Informed: Sign up for our eNewsletter and check out our blog to get updates on our progress.

2) Spread the Word: Tell a friend, a neighbor, your boss, your librarian, whomever, about the WaWa Project.

3) Join Our Social Network: “Like” us, “Friend” us, Become a “Fan” of us…Yes, we’re on Facebook.

4) Host an Event: Gather a group of friends and hold a small fundraising event with coffee, cocktails or our favorite, mini quiche.

5) Volunteer in Your Pajamas: Are you a good writer? Are you an educator? Do you like graphic design? Interested in international relations? E-mail and notify us of your interest in volunteering. We will make every effort to match your skills, abilities and interests with our needs.

6) Intern: If you’re a student interested in helping make a difference in the lives of children in need, we’re interested in you. E-mail us to learn more about our internships in the Boston area.