“A group of Harvard Medical School faculty, students and staff were recognized for exemplary service to local, national or international communities this year at the annual Dean’s Community Service awards ceremony on Nov. 16, with a special award conferred on an HMS student by the United States Public Health Service.”

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“One thing is clear. The WaWa Project has received a major vote of confidence.”

“20-somethings can be idealistic: We hope and dream about doing something good, leaving a legacy, and helping someone in need -- then life kicks in, and paying the bills gets in the way of making a difference.

But when you hear a story like that of the WaWa Project's Bridget Koha, 25, Marisa Galeota, 26, and Obiageli Ukadike, 28, it brings back that determination.”

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Much like a seed needs water and sunlight to grow into a beautiful tree, Ukadike hopes to nurture her students with the goal of having them grow and thrive as educated, contributing members of society.